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Sarah Marshall
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Taylor Gutter team came out very promptly and sorted the blockage I had on the downpipe very quickly and cleanly.
Mr. Campbell
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Had the guys out to clean our gutters. They used the big vacuum that cleaned them out very fast and left no mess
Mr & Mrs Harris
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Arrived on time, cleaned the gutters on the front and back and it was cheap. Amazing service.
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Gutter Maintenance
We cover all aspects of gutter maintenance!
Gutter Cleaning
We cover domestic and commerail guttering systems and always fully clean and clear your gutters
Once cleaned and repaired, we can prevent further blockages and the need for cleaning.
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We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction

We Always Guarantee The Best Price


We Guarantee No Mess At All

We Guarantee To Turn Up On Time

Taylor Gutter Cleaning & Repairs


No need for scaffolding, ladders, or cherry pickers when using Taylor Gutter Cleaning & Repairs for all of your gutter needs. We can do it quickly and easily using a ground-based powerful vacuum and super light 34ft carbon fibre poles which can clear the gutters of three and four-storey homes.

That means that we can reach over garages, extensions, conservatories, and outbuildings without the risk of your roof churning up your prize dahlias or Wembley-like lawn.

There is no mess because all the gutter muck is sucked up, not washed out with water or scooped out by hand.

It’s safe, effective, and we can even take before and after photos so you can see how clear the gutters are when we’ve finished

Even if you have grass, moss, or ferns growing from your guttering, we haven’t been defeated yet! You may well be surprised at what’s growing in there.

Fully insured, fixed prices, no matter how long it takes. We take credit or debit cards or online payments.


Did you know?

At Taylor Gutter Cleaning & Repairs we can carry out General Cleaning, Maintenance, and also Emergencies.


Signs That Your Gutter is Blocked Include:


-Water flowing or dripping over the side
-Rotting wood on fascias
-Animals such as squirrels or birds in or near the gutter
-A visible wasps’ nest or other nesting insects
-Vegetation growing from the gutter
-Misshapen, bulged, or bending pipes are visible

So, How Often Should I Get My Gutters Cleaned?


The short answer to this question is typically we recommend you have your gutters cleaned twice a year. Once in the late springtime and then again in the early autumn.
However, there are a few factors you should take into account before deciding how often your property should have its gutters cleaned.

For instance, if we experience a dry and hot summer you will accumulate dry leaves, small branches, and birds nests in your gutters. Especially if you have a number of trees around your property.
If you fail to recognise the build-up of debris you could get an unpleasant shock when the first big downpour of rain arrives in autumn. Especially when the gutter starts to overflow. It could be even worse if you don’t notice that your gutters are overflowing. This could cause untold damage over time. 

The not-so-typical answer to this question though is… ‘it depends’.
If you live in the middle of a huge open area with no trees for miles, or you live on a brand new housing estate that has no tree growth yet, then it’s likely that you will only need your gutters cleaned once a year at most.

However, if you live with long-established, tall-growing trees around your property or lining the road outside that sheds thousands of leaves daily, then you may well need your gutters cleaned every few months. Failure to do so will cost you far more in the long run.

How often you have your gutters cleaned really does depend on where you live and what kind of nature surrounds your property.
If you are still unsure, why not request a quote, and a member of our team will visit your property and advise you on the best course of action.

Cleaning a gutter is best done at the end of autumn or at the beginning of spring. If your gutter was cleaned more than one year ago, it is best to do this immediately, to avoid problems. With a substantial build-up of debris, water may not be able to flow correctly. Especially in autumn, gutters are prone to getting dirty due to falling leaves and twigs.